Elect Dr. Jon Hill for New Mexico

House of Representatives – District 53

Dr. Jon: Experience working boldly for you

Welcome to the official campaign website for Dr. Jon Hill, your dedicated candidate for the New Mexico House of Representatives – District 53.

Dr. Jon brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to serving the community through a comprehensive platform that addresses key issues in Economics and Finance, Education, Environment, and Ethics.

Dr. Jon is not just a candidate; he's a dedicated community member.

Join us in supporting Dr. Jon Hill as he leverages his extensive experience to work boldly for the people of District 53.

~ Why vote for Dr. Jon Hill ~

Economy and Workforce.


  • Spend for the long run and call out unsustainable spending proposals.
  • Support Family Medical Leave to ensure a healthy and productive workforce.
  • Support key labor initiatives including internships and apprenticeships that lead our workforce into the future.
  • Promote state services and programs needed in District 53.
  • Collaborate with county commissions, Congressman Vasquez, Senators Heinrich and Luján to align local, state, and federal goals to build community infrastructure.
  • Support Environmental Rights Amendment also known as the Green Amendment.
  • Include reasonable and responsible roll-out plans with all earth-friendly legislation.
  • Ensure communities negatively impacted by initiatives are supported economically.
  • Ensure people negatively impacted by initiatives transition to rewarding situations.
  • Support Structured Literacy Institute that builds and sustains improved instruction.
  • Collaborate with local school districts to better link local needs with state resources.
  • Back diversity, equity, inclusion--the first point of intervention for serious student issues.
  • Challenge unproven or burdensome education initiatives.
  • Enact important refinements to New Mexico’s recently created State Ethics Commission.

~ Meet Dr. Jon ~

  • Career educator: teacher, program specialist, principal, special educator, superintendent.
  • Elected school board member, 8 years.
  • Committee member creating the Quality Education Model.
  • Advocate and subject matter expert to legislature, 17 years.
  • Board of Governors, state bar, public member, 6 years.
  • State teacher licensing board, 5 years.
  • Ethics panel, state bar, public member, 2 years.
  • Active nationally in recruiting and promoting well-qualified school board candidates opposing book bans, teacher bashing, and political/religious beliefs forced on others.
  • Board chair: St. Andrew’s Hospitality House provides no-cost housing for out-of-towners needing to be in Las Cruces for medical care.
  • Married to wife, Judy, and parent to three adult children.

On June 4, 2024, vote for Dr. Jon Hill
for New Mexico House of Representatives – District 53